Throbbing Gristle

I want to make you happy just a little
I want to find you something which is certain
I found nothing lying, weeping, bleeding
You never saw me weeping on the floor

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If I Were A Robot

I would break dance all the time.

And swear in binary, “100110100101000110101010100”

When I’d get angry, I’d destroy whole cities.

And eat people.

I’d hang out with robocop.

And date a washing machine.

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Just A Meme

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Muses Muses…

Just some musings.

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Current mood: A little dreamy.
Listening to: Game music.

True to the title, this is just another intake on my present life.

Family crisis only grows older.

And while I can’t seem to get enough of my boyfriend…

Work, on the other hand, is a little boring.

So anyway since lately my life has been all about him, I’d like to dedicate this to my one and only. 🙂

“Have never had anyone shown me all the things you did. The special way I feel when you hold me… And so much more. We’ll always be together, that’s what I’d like to believe.

And every time, every day, I think about you… When you ride, when you call.  And every time you’re away I can’t wait ’til I see you again.

And whenever we’re apart, I hope you don’t you forget that I’m yours.

Since I met you my life seems so much better.”


Yeah okay it’s cheesy, but who cares.

I’ve come to love once before and ended up getting hurt. Well, who hasn’t? People say love is overrated but really, if you can just get past everything and find that new love, the one that comes after all the hurt and sad…

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All Brand New

A series of rough phrases to reflect on my life as of this moment.

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On A Roll!

Would you look at how much I’ve updated this dead blog today! Feeling a bit giddy myself: seems like I’ve got lots to say. Update: By the way, due to a certain comment I’ve come to realize that to avoid other misunderstandings and confusion I’d like to say that this particular piece is one I took from my friend’s blog,  with permission of course. Its nothing personal. I especially liked how she described her thoughts on the topic. Very well written! Thus why I’d like to share it with you all here.

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Racoon’s Old Song

Thought to myself, “Why don’t I start posting lyrics for a change? Its what people with the bloggers’ block do anyway,” and here we are.

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